About BYU–Hawaii


Our mission is to integrate both spiritual and secular learning, and to prepare students with character and integrity who can provide leadership in their families, their communities, their chosen field, and in building the kingdom of God.

Aloha and Welcome

BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY–HAWAII is the preeminent international center of learning in the Pacific. Its small campus is a unique laboratory of intercultural leadership development, where a diverse population of 2,500 students representing over 70 countries live, study, and work together. Small classes taught by expert faculty empower students to master challenging and relevant curriculum, while affordable tuition, financial aid, and online study options make this valuable education more accessible than ever. Operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a total BYU–Hawaii education involves not only intellectual learning and career preparation, but also moral, ethical, and spiritual enrichment. All the while, students enjoy living and learning in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Graduates go forth to serve, prepared to promote peace and prosperity as leaders worldwide.

Learning by Study and by Faith

THE SPIRIT OF BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY–HAWAII is illuminated by the radiance of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Men and women from throughout the Pacific Rim and beyond gather to BYU–Hawaii because they are committed to strong moral and ethical values, and they wish to learn and work among others who share this same commitment. Students serve in leadership positions in church wards across campus, developing faith, charity, and a sense of caring toward one another. Faith-building religion courses also foster spiritual growth and doctrinal understanding. Each week, the University ohana (family) gathers together for Devotional, a general campus assembly where outstanding speakers teach with words of inspiration. Thus, graduates embark not only with sound minds, but also with profound character and deep faith.

Challenging Curriculum and Caring Faculty

THE EXCELLENT EDUCATION BYU–Hawaii offers begins with relevant, up-to-date curriculum. In every academic program, students are equipped with the essential skills and knowledge needed for success in their future careers and scholarly pursuits. Students are also actively encouraged to seek valuable educational opportunities outside the classroom through internships, research projects, entrepreneurial enterprises, and work experience. The goal is to instill a love of knowledge that will produce a lifetime of learning.

PERSONAL INTERACTION between faculty and students is another hallmark of BYU–Hawaii. With a low student/faculty ratio, students have great opportunities to learn and grow from their professors. Faculty members are committed to knowing their students personally, spending time with them beyond regular classroom hours, and becoming their mentors. Countless alumni have attributed life-changing moments to individual professors who have had the insight and concern to make a difference when it is most needed. Professors see their role as much more than teaching courses—they are developing and guiding the world’s next generation of leaders.

A Diverse Student Body

THE STUDENTS OF BYU–HAWAII comprise a brilliant collection of talents, abilities, and backgrounds from the world over. Many speak two or more languages, including a number who have completed missions for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Brought together, they contribute to a vibrant campus community, where warmth and the spirit of aloha prevail. Students learn to appreciate diverse customs, accept varied perspectives, and foster cooperation, developing friendships that transcend political and cultural boundaries. A large percentage of students also work at on-campus jobs or at the neighboring Polynesian Cultural Center, instilling a sense of teamwork and stewardship while gaining marketable skills and work experience to expand their leadership potential.

Quality Education at an Affordable Price

AFFORDABILITY AT BYU–HAWAII starts with some of the lowest tuition rates in the nation when compared to other private comprehensive universities—an amazing feat considering its location in one of the country’s most expensive states. Online class options, offered at an even lower rate, also allow students to access a quality BYU–Hawaii education from anywhere in the world. Beyond these already low costs, over 70% of students receive some form of financial aid. The University offers a variety of scholarships, including many from private philanthropists. Federal aid is available through Pell Grants, Stafford Loans,and Parent PLUS Loans. Many students earn additional funds through part-time employment on campus and at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

BYU–Hawaii also offers a unique financial aid program for eligible international students who could not otherwise afford an education. This program, known as I-WORK, offers a 50 percent grant and 50 percent forgivable loan to qualified international students. In exchange, I-WORK participants agree to maintain full-time status, act in high moral standing, and contribute to the cost of their education through workstudy opportunities. I-WORK enables graduates to return to their home country debt-free and qualified to provide leadership in church, civic, and social affiliations, and within their families.

An Expanding Legacy:
Developing Leaders for the Nations

BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY–HAWAII BEGAN AS A VISION. BYU–Hawaii was established to produce leaders committed to building the kingdom of God and establishing peace internationally. Since 1955, BYU–Hawaii has held true to this mission and vision by ensuring that all students have been educated spiritually, culturally, and academically. Graduates are not only employment-ready, but are men and women of integrity and character. They provide leadership in their families, in business, in their communities, and in building the kingdom of God, fulfilling the prophecy of David O. McKay, who proclaimed that this school would produce “leaders—not only on this island, but everywhere. All the world is hungering for them.”